Finally Framing the Master Bedroom Closet

In my last master bedroom makeover post, I left you with the cliffhanger of finally seeing daylight between the two walls we were taking down. That sliver of daylight turned into this:


Check out this post if you’re new to this project. :)

We still had quite a bit more demo to do on the closet wall between two rooms, but Ken made short work of it. As fast as he would free a board, I would grab it from him and remove all the nails and as much glue as I could.



We also eliminated about 1/3 of the upstairs hallway to create a more rectangular bedroom room and less wasted hallway space.


At this point below, we were basically done with structural demo. Things got crazy with all the demo debris and dangling wires, but we were pumped to see the basic shell of our new space.

Then we had to start rebuilding. We recruited carpenter Dad to help us with some framing. See the new doorway framed to the right in the picture below? You can also see the white plumbing pipe (behind the ladder) we’re choosing to work around–we’ll build a bookshelf/entertainment unit in that corner and the pipe will stay where it is.


Here’s Dad framing the doorway. It took him about five minutes. Ken and I would have needed at least 5 weeks to do this.


Here’s our new hallway view! The hallway is significantly smaller, but there is much less space that is wasted.


Next we began framing the new walk-in closet! My family helped. That’s my brother and sister on the right.


We assembled the almost 10′ wall on the floor and raised it into place, securing it at the top, bottom, and wall.



We added a bit more framing, but this is the gist of it. The below pic shows our new (humongous) closet and the ceiling situation, which I feel is much less dated then it had been. Plus: less florescent lighting and “plant ledges.”


Once the framing was finished, I took over and began executing our electrical plan. Little did I know it would take weeks and weeks…

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