Master Bedroom: Ready for Drywall

It’s a little ridiculous how much time and work went in to getting the room to this point…but that’s DIY remodeling, amIright?

We’re ready for drywall, finally. And–we are hiring it out! Hooray/holy expensive! So we cleaned everything out and are ready to hand over our dollars. Hopefully the next post about this room will be very, very exciting.

But, to memorialize this time, a blog post of pictures.


In the photo below, the area to the left will be our built-in bookshelf/entertainment unit.





Look back at that picture above. You can see by the paint spray on the floor where the old wall used to be, separating the two bedrooms before.

And below, our walk-in closet. This is gonna be good.



  • I am LOVING this design and cannot wait to see where it goes. The drywall is going to change your life…it’s like the turning point where everything you’ve done seems worth it. Oh, and I’m also ridiculously impressed by your electrical skillzzz. keep it up! I’m living vicariously through you until we have pinched enough pennies to pour concrete onto the patio :)

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