Another Very Exciting Post About Lighting

Remember when I said something along the lines of “the next post should be really exciting?


This will be exciting (to me, and maybe mom).

However, it may not be the excitement you were hoping for. Stay cool. The drywallers still have not finished doin’ their thang.

So today, I will be blogging about something entirely different yet sort of in a small way somewhat related. A little bit.

When we moved in, this was our dining room light.


It had to go ASAP, and it did. Some nice Craigslist lady gave me $50 for it, and we turned around and installed this light from World Market. And then we got a 60″ round table from RH.


Unforch, the light was too small. Do you see it? It’s all I could think about. It tormented me.

Until now. As part of the master bedroom electrical extravaganza, I installed a place for a light in our previously-dark stairwell. And we needed a light to hang there.

BOOM: reason for new dining light.

(We will put the too-tiny light above the stairs, if ya didn’t catch that.)

So I scoured the internet. The entire internet. And what did I finally decide? To go with the same light from World Market, only in a larger size. (OH THE DRAMA. WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?!?)


I then attempted to install it myself, which worked mostly well until I realized I forgot to string the canopy on the chain and when it occurred to me that I had to completely uninstall it and redo everything, my spirit kind of broke.

Thankfully Ken came home and supported the light as I rewired and rehung it a second time. My arms are now spaghetti.

YOU try doing an hour of delicate work with your arms raised above your head. (I’m a very slow electrician.)


This light is one billion times better. The size=yes. I can now sleep at night.


And for one final cliffhanger: this mysterious picture.


Yes, it IS a new way to hang curtains! Pinterest is gonna go nuts, I can feel it.

More on this later.


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