A Clean Slate in the Master Bedroom Makeover: Drywall is UP!

Well, it took longer than we expected, but the drywall in our remodeled master bedroom is UP! We’re pumped about it…and so glad we didn’t try DIYing this. (Sidenote: this is the first project we’ve actually hired out, after a year and a half of making over our home!)

Here are the deets. Plus more than you ever wanted to know.

Back in July, Kenny and I moved out of the master bedroom and began demoing not one, but TWO bedrooms (no one can accuse us of being less than thorough). We had a not-ideal bifold closet situation going on, with an unfortunate “plant ledge” and florescent lighting mess. Here’s a peek at the way it used to be:

master closets old

So naturally, we took this to the extreme and removed that entire wall. More details on the initial plan can be found here, and the post about demolition can be found here.

We then framed a new master closet (and spot for a built-in bookshelf) and I redid all of the electrical work. You know, general thrilling stuff.

Then we were ready to call in the pros to come and drywall all up in this hizzy:



Which brings us today. That’s correct; it took us three months to get to this point (thank you for noticing). So it may come as a shock to you that I am participating in the One Room Challenge™, which is a six-week link party where you are supposed to take a room from unfinished to finished. Um, that is QUICK. Nuts.

We’re starting here, with drywall up but completely raw. Come on in and I’ll give you a tour!

This is the new view of our hallway at the top of the stairs. We basically took 1/3 of the hallway and incorporated it into the new bedroom.


Below is the view to the left when you walk in the door. The giant new wall is the back of the walk-in closet and where our bed will most likely go.


Next is the view of the opposite corner and the door from the hallway. The wall on the left did not match up with the rest of the wall in the room by about 3 inches, and since there’s a shower on the other side of the wall, it wasn’t an easy fix. So we decided to embrace it and we’ll build a bookshelf/entertainment corner over there.


We’ll have a nice area with seating at the end of the bed over on that side of the room. Also: *gasp* we’re thinking about putting our completely unused TV up here.


Let’s head over to the front of the room and the master closet. We like the idea of keeping things pretty open, so there won’t be a door on the closet. We’ll just walk around the corner and BOOM. Closet.


There’s a ton of natural light in here, which will be nice for Kenny when he picks out his daily suit and tie. Me, I just grab whatever’s on top of the clean laundry pile…


This is the view looking back at the corner towards the bedroom (and master bath, not pictured). I put an outlet up high there on the wall so we’ll be able to install some swanky closet lighting above the shelving.


So, if we do this whole six-week One Room Challenge, that means the schedule has to look something like this:

Week 1: oh wait that’s today

Week 2: paint paint paint. And, um, deciding on colors, etc.

Week 3: closet? carpet? trim? who knows?

Week 4: begin to panic

Week 5: full on hysteria

Week 6: well this is supposed to be reveal week but we know the chances of that happening are about 2%


I think that most people who are not me are posting mood boards and have real plans by now, etc….you know. REAL designers. But that would be far too predictable and logical for me. I base most of my design decisions on what is 1) on sale and/or 2) available the moment it pops into my head.

This should be good, right? Fasten your seatbelts.

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  • Looking good! I bet you’re loving that drywall “dust!” Also wondering about your heating registers? I see one in the closet, but where’s the one for the bedroom? Did you have to move that too?

    • Ack, the DUST! I ended up hand mopping our main floor and it still is everywhere. As for vents, there are two in the closet (another reason we didn’t frame a door) and two on the back wall near where the built-in bookshelf is going to go. We’ll have to rearrange one of the vents in the closet but hopefully it won’t be that big of a deal. Famous last words. ;)

  • It took my husband and me about 1.5 years to “finish” our master bedroom and it still isn’t really done. So 3 months is nothing – – in my book at least! Can’t wait to see where you take this. The room looks great, especially with getting rid of the plant ledge (I never did understand those).

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