Painted Master Bedroom (Oh the Agony!)

I have Regretted (capital “R”) this whole One Room Challenge thing mayyyybeeee once or twice in the past week. But mostly I am thankful, because it has lit proverbial fires under our butts and we are GETTING THINGS DONE. (Note: go here if you’re new).

However, the “getting things done” part of the process is not the whole process. First comes the agonizing.

This time the agonizing happened over what paint color to select for the master. I, obviously and predictably, assumed we’d end up with a nice gray (probably Revere Pewter. LOVE.).

Buuuut I detected a tiny moment of slight hesitation in Kenny when I presented this gray idea. And let me explain: tiny moments of slight hesitation are as CLOSE as Kenny comes to saying NO or I PREFER SOMETHING ELSE or REALLY ANNE WHAT ARE YOU THINKING. It is the same thing, really.

So it was back to the drawing board for me, and I went somewhere totally unexpected and out of the ordinary for us.

Guys, I went dark. Ben Moore’s Dark Harbor, to be exact.


BM describes this color as “A boat sails at midnight toward the safety of port. The murky waters belie their depth.”

Which obviously is so nonsensical that it sort of makes sense. I hate that. But I love the color.

Oh, also: we painted the ceiling flat white and covered the raw drywall with primer (tinted periwinkle WHY) but that is soooo boring so we will discuss those items no further.


Coverage was pretty decent with one coat (we used Glidden Duo) but I did another coat because it was still pretty streaky.

Note: the streakiness may have been due to the fact that I was literally feverish as I was rolling the first coat on and had to keep lying down for a few minutes…my dedication/stupidity knows no bounds.



You can especially see the streaks in these pictures. It wasn’t good. I also realized I had gotten semi-gloss, which was also contributing to the streakiness. It was absolutely aggravating. So I did a THIRD COAT but this time used an eggshell sheen and it was way better. (These pictures don’t show the eggshell coat but taking those pictures would require me getting off the couch right now and that is not happening; forgive me).







Here in the closet I only had to do the top quarter of the walls because we’ll be installing IKEA’s Pax closet in an “L” shape there and why waste the paint?



Let me recap (I deserve points or something for all of this! I do!): One coat of ceiling paint (two gallons!), one half coat of periwinkle primer, and THREE coats of Dark Harbor later and it’s a wrap. That’s six gallons of paint we slathered up in this joint. IN A WEEK. I feel very proud. And a little insane.

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