Glamorous (But Not Too Glam) Chandelier

Oh hey One Room Challenge readers…there was a bonus ORC post this week that you may have missed! Read it here. Okay, carry on.

Before Ken and I were even remotely close to finishing the demo of our master bedroom, I already had a Pinterest board full of light fixtures. That’s normal, right? And we pulled the trigger on a chandy about the same time we were getting estimates from drywallers….we’re nothing if not forward thinkers. At least, that’s how it feels to us. Normally it takes us about 3 months to make a decision as big as a chandelier…

But it’s a good thing we had so much foresight, since this 6-week “one room challenge” thing is getting out of hand fast. It’s already week three. OF SIX. *panic*

Note: I looked at every light fixture on the internet under $300. That was the arbitrary limit I set for myself. The other main criteria I looked for? This chandelier had to be BIG. Definitely larger than 24″ in diameter and preferably more than 30″. Our master bedroom is now expansive and has very tall ceilings, so a small light could get lost and look dumb pretty quickly. Ken’s only request was that he did not want any beads and/or dangly bits. I could handle that.

We ended up ordering this light from Overstock for $161 (down from $201) after coupons and promo codes and general sorcery. Although now as I draft this post it is on sale for $169 which makes me a bit mad since I could have then gotten an even better deal, but oh well.


The chandelier came with some REALLY fancy and REALLY horrible shades that I flung far away from my person as soon as I laid eyes on them. They’ve been banished to the basement, where they’ll likely stay for the next 3-80 years until I finally get around to donating them.

Note about this chandelier: I had to assemble every bit of it. It took a very long time even though I am now basically an expert electrician.

When we decided to go dark teal in the bedroom, we realized the light would get lost because of its color. Something had to be done.


So I rustled around in the aforementioned basement o’ stuff and found this can of liquid gold, left over from my IKEA console table project.


Yes, the neighbors stared. I apparently am the sole source of entertainment in this ‘hood.


Then I hung it, which was quite an ordeal. Ken supported from below while I wired it in. Revelation: despite all the painting I’ve done in the last few weeks, my upper arm strength is as nonexistent as ever.


The gold chandy looks BALLER against the Dark Harbor paint.


What’s more, I installed this on a dimmer for extra fanciness! Our lives have been forever changed, I can tell.


Yes…we only had seven light bulbs. Thank you for not noticing.

We still have no idea what colors/style/general direction to take this room (global boho? rustic modern? traditional, aka using what we already have?), but we’re feeling pretty swell that we’ve even gotten this far. Who knows what crazy things we’ll do next? (We don’t get out much.)


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