Master Bedroom Trim and Closet Shenanigans (and HVAC but no one really cares about that)

This week has been one of the most frustrating weeks of the entire master bedroom remodel, but we have come out on the other side mostly triumphant! And we’re that much closer to the finish line, which is very, very exciting. We’ve been working on this remodel since JULY. JULY. Ridiculous.

Anyway, after we hung the chandelier and finished every last bit of electrical work, it was time to start on the trim and closet situation. We left the window trim up and the trim around the bathroom doorway, so we didn’t have to deal with that, but we did have to install a door/doorframe on the new entrance to the bedroom. I think Kenny and I could have figured out how to do this by ourselves, but we instead chickened out and bribed Dad with dinner and he did it for us perfectly…in like 10 minutes. It would have taken us HOURS. There are several perks to having a dad who used to be a carpenter, and this is but one of them.

After he left, I installed the trim around the door. It still needs caulk and paint but we’re in good shape.


While Dad was here, I made him cut a hole in the floor to solve an HVAC question we’d been mulling over. (Pro tip: it is always a good option to have someone else do crazy things like this to your house so that you have someone to blame if things end badly.) After he opened up the floor, I rerouted a heat vent from the closet to the main bedroom area all by myself. I’m now adding HVAC expert to my resume.

Ugh, and then we installed the baseboards. It sucked. Somehow our miter saw (which is about a year old) no longer cuts straight: when we had the blade at 0 degrees, it definitely wasn’t cutting at 0 degrees! I had to finesse and finagle things several times during the project to figure out our new zero…which is about 3.5 degrees according to our BOGUS guide. But the baseboard is installed, and my quota of swear words has been all used up and then some.


Ooooh, and we also used this sweet trick Dad taught us back in the days of their master bedroom remodel: stick some waxed paper behind the trim as you’re installing it so you can slap paint on at will, no cutting in or taping needed! The waxed paper pulls right out when you’re done painting.


Shelves in this corner (below) are next on our project list. We have no idea where to begin.

Well, actually, we have about 18 different ideas. We have to narrow those down before we begin…


And the other big thing we did this week was installing the structure for our walk-in closet. We went with IKEA’s Pax system and are PUMPED with how it’s turning out. Look at all that storage! We’re not installing all of the fun drawers and shelves and stuff we bought to accessorize the closet until we finish everything else in the room…hopefully this will keep us on track and motivated. Think of it as the dessert to this project. I’ll do a full post on the closet and our thought process eventually.


Once we fill all the nail holes and paint the trim and baseboards, we’re ready for carpet! Which brings me to our next whomp-whomp moment… Turns out, Home Depot has no respect for my One Room Challenge six-week timeline and are scheduling carpet installs for 4 weeks out. There goes all hope for a splendid reveal at the end of the Challenge…(actually, I still irrationally am holding out a tiny smidgen of hope because I am a glutton for punishment). But there will still be lots of exciting stuff happening around these parts, so stick around!

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