Master Bedroom Built-In Shelves, Part 1 of an Unknown Number of Parts

Since the beginning of the renovation of our master bedroom, we’ve known we would need to deal with a little wonkiness in the master bedroom along the door wall.

You can see it in the picture below if you look at the ceiling line: the wall to the left did not match up to the wall on the right, by about 3 inches. SO close, yet not really disguise-able. We decided to instead embrace it and built that little stub wall to anchor a set of shelves that we wanted to install.


I’ve been dreading this project because I didn’t really have a clear vision for how I wanted to build the shelves. In the end, I went with Yellow Brick Home’s method of building the shelves and wrapping them. I ran to Home Depot, finalized my plan whilst in the middle of the aisle (does anyone else do this?), and bought some lumber: 1x3s (8) and 2x3s (4). Then I built these frames. Our shelves span about 60″, so each of the braces is about 20″ apart.


Then we began installing them, and thankfully Kenny was around to help because I could NOT have done this on my own. We were very careful to make the shelves perfectly level (from side to side as well as front to back) as we screwed them in and we could have used about 12 extra pairs of hands. The other frustration was finding studs to anchor the screws in, but once we found the studs for one shelf, we could easily locate them on the other shelves. These shelves are going NOWHERE–they are very, very strong.


Oh, and this is how I roll in the planning department: leftover stationary from our wedding 3.5 years ago with lots of scribbles and diagrams that would make sense to literally no one other than moi. But hey, it works out (most of the time). We’ve gone through a lot of wedding stationary over the course of this master bedroom remodel.


The shelves are now in and are looking great!…as long as you squint a lot and have a good imagination. The next step is wrapping these with plywood and then comes staining and sealing. And since we dinged up the wall really nicely, add fixing that to the list as well!


And…ah yes, I can’t avoid it. This is week 5 (!) of the One Room Challenge and our carpet is nowhere in sight. I can now say with complete certainty that we won’t make the deadline, but instead, we decided to finish up the walk-in closet (except for the darn carpet) and will be revealing that next week! IT IS THE CLOSET OF MY DREAMS and I’m very excited to show it to you all.

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