Master Bedroom Built-Ins: Part 2 of an Unknown (but possibly 3?) Number of Parts

In the last episode of “Anne and Ken try not to devalue their house too much,” I showed you these shelf frames that I built and we installed. Well, you are in for a treat because I have an update for you! Try to contain yourself. I know. I know.


First I went to Home Depot for the 3rd time in 3 days. (Note: I neglected to get polyurethane, so I will be making a 4th trip in 4 days…).

I wrestled three 4’x8′ sheets of 1/4″ plywood underlayment onto a cart and wheeled it merrily to the panel saw, where I had some poor employee make my VERY EXACT CUTS. I never know whether or not to give them the exact cuts or have them cut things a little bigger so I can cut it down at home, but on this day I was feeling trusting and he did a pretty good job.

When I got home, I made just a few correction cuts and then sandwiched the shelf frames and attached the plywood with my nail gun.



I had also grabbed two 10′ 1×4 pieces of pine common board which I next cut down to length and nailed to the front of the shelves. This was very satisfying work as it finally covered up the shelf frames fully.


I sanded everything down a bit, and then I started staining. I’ve had this can of Minwax Dark Walnut stain for longer than we’ve been married, so probably 4 years?…and it still is only half gone. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. I should compose a post of projects we’ve done with this can of stain because it would undoubtedly go viral. #goals


It was pretty dreadful staining the underside of the shelves, but I managed, and this is where I left off for the night. I don’t think it needs another coat of stain, since I don’t want to go too dark.


I love how the wood looks against the Dark Harbor paint. Mmm.


I still have to slap on a few coats of poly (boy, won’t that be an exciting blog post?…#opposite) but you get the gist. ;)

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