Master Bedroom Walk-In Closet Reveal (Sorta)

This was the closet situation in our master bedroom before we began this remodeling project. It was…fine.

Master Bedroom (6)

But that was about it…fine. We felt that we could improve. Plant ledges and bifold doors are not really our thing, you know? So we tore down everything and started afresh. Overkill? Perhaps. We don’t really do things halfway around here, though.


We took down the closet wall between the master bedroom and a very tiny adjacent bedroom and put up a wall for our new giant walk-in closet, making our bedroom area a lot larger as well.


I will say that starting from scratch is awesome. We were able to determine exactly where to build the wall so it would perfectly fit IKEA’s closet system.

The plan was to use 3 of the largest PAX closet frames and a corner frame in an “L” shape and we designed the space for the closet with that plan.

And then we changed our minds…AFTER we had the wall built. Whoopies! See, the corner frame actually isn’t a very efficient use of space–it left a lot of dead space behind it and there wasn’t any way to customize the shelving in it at all. And it was expensive.

So we redesigned the layout and what do you know? OUR NEW DESIGN FIT EXACTLY. It was a closet miracle!

The new plan was to use 3 large frames, one medium frame, and one small frame, still in the “L” shape. This was the plan (and my dad’s scribbles explaining some wiring to me):


We pranced off to IKEA (twice), handed them all of our money, and got to work installing the closet boxes. This picture (below) will help things make more sense. The one really unorthodox thing we did was “overlapping” the closet boxes in the corner, as you can see. There’s about 10″ of space that you have to reach into. This limited what interior organizers we could put in that section (no drawers, etc.) but we have much more space than we would have if we’d gone with the traditional corner unit. We think storing our off-season clothes in that little reach-in area will work well. :)


And then came the REALLY REALLY fun part–accessories and interior organizers! We grabbed this HUGE mirror from Homegoods for just $60 and I hung it very carefully with a very strong hang-y thing (technical term). I love the gold-ish finish on it–it’s the perfect color for this space.


And I hung curtains (from IKEA, of course)! This is actually two panels side by side to make them look more full.


For reference, here’s how the little “hallway” divides the closet from the master bathroom (yet-to-be remodeled).


And then there’s THIS.


Yes, I totally staged it with a small percentage of our clothes. Yes, I felt/feel totally ridiculous about it. But. Anything for pretty “after” pictures, right?



We’ve been searching for a bench to go in front of the window, but we haven’t found the perfect one yet.


There is SO MUCH drawer space in this closet that we won’t need our dresser anymore.



As you can see, we’re still waiting on carpet (boooo), which is why we haven’t fully moved into the space yet. But we are SO excited for when we do!

We’re still toying with a few things that we may do down the line:

  • Frosted contact paper on the window
  • Crown molding and trim over the gaps where the closet frames meet the wall
  • Baseboards? We’ll see how well the carpet installers do around the closet frames
  • Closet lighting (we installed an outlet above the closet with this in mind)
  • Additional IKEA closet organizers (they have a few pull-out trays that we didn’t spring for that we may upgrade to down the line)

But for now, this space is perfect. Have I mentioned before that I am NEVER MOVING? It’s worth repeating here, I think.

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Thanks for following along on this crazy One Room Challenge! Both Kenny and I are glad we attempted it, as we were way more motivated to get things done since we new we had a deadline.

However, the bedroom is not done, so you should probably keep following along. You can follow the feed with Bloglovin’, and I’m also active on Facebook and Instagram. Stick around!


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