Cleaning Out the Church Basement Has Its Perks

Alternate, completely innappropriate title: All That Tithing Finally Paid Off


Our church is undergoing some much-needed renovations, so last Sunday, they had the best type of rummage sale: the free type! After church, we all meandered downstairs and browsed through PILES and PILES of stuff that had been accumulated for years. From gigantic styrofoam “rocks” to cardboard palm trees to dozens and dozens of costume hats…there was something for everyone. Except Kenny. #curmudgeon

I snagged these two INCREDIBLE wooden bowls and those three green apples (fakes, but pretty good ones!).


I also found this brass candleholder. I was thinking it might be fun to use it for Advent.



And I also grabbed this chunky basket (I would seriously have paid money for this in a store) and a cool square piece of textural fabric.


Not pictured: some polar fleece fabric, an antique lace tablecloth, 3 vintage doilies, and a huge wooden picture frame, which I just realized are still in the trunk of my car.

Ken was quite pleased at my finds and was happy to cart them around for me. #opposite

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