Master Bedroom Reveal: An Epic 5-Month DIY Saga With a Happy Ending

DUN dun dun duuuuuun!

Or should I say….DONE done done doooone!?!?

After 5 months and countless hours working on this (well, I guess not really “countless,” but we didn’t count, so… “uncounted”), we can call it a wrap on our master bedroom renovation project. This has been the most extensive update to our house thus far, and it won’t be the last. But give me a few days to recover, mmmkay?

Let me give you a little tour.


The style we ended up going with was “using what we had.” I got the oil painting above from a thrift store for just a few bucks a few months ago and it goes perfectly on the wall separating the closet from the bedroom area.


The gold chandelier was a fantastic decision on our parts. We put it on a dimmer, and it’s so pretty at night.


My dad made the bed for us as a wedding gift back in the day, and my brother the nightstands. They look good against the teal walls.


Kenny’s favorite part of moving into the new bedroom was this little gadget that lives on our nightstands–wireless chargers for our cell phones. We got them about a week before we moved in (for freeee!), and we made ourselves wait to use them until we got the bedroom completed. I have to admit…they are wildly convenient.


The area at the end of our bed is pretty darn empty right now. We’ll add furniture eventually, at least a loveseat and coffee table or ottoman.

We hung our free Framebridge/Uber art here, and I bought those faux plants from my office (we’re renovating and going more modern, so the faux plants needed rehoming, yay for me!). I popped the “tuscan-style” (ew) pot of the larger plant in a basket we already had.


I love how the plants and the black and white photo make up a sort of minimalistic corner. I sometimes get a little too crazy on the color(!) and accessories (!) so I’m glad this corner is a bit calmer.


On the opposite wall from the artwork are our floating shelves, of course. They make the room feel like a room even without furniture, bringing a little life into the space.



Let’s head back toward the closet. Why yes, of course I am going to give you a full tour of this space even though I already sort of revealed it. Humor me.


We’re all moved in and the IKEA Pax units are about half full which is SO GREAT.



There are a few things we’re going to pick up the next time we go to IKEA… but let’s be honest: we’ll probably be customizing this space from now until forever because it’s VERY fun. Some people go on dates…we customize our closet.


Oh, and no “reveal” post would be complete without a few “before” pictures. These two pictures below were taken from the same spot, just outside our master bathroom. It’s hard to compare the two photos, since we removed that wall of closets, but you get the drift.

Master Bedroom (6)

We like this better.



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