Hello…Is This Thing On?

Hi, friends! I took a little break from blogging since things have been a little busy around here. I traveled to India for work in January and then Kenny and I jetted off to Australia for a few weeks in February for vacation.

I’ve also been feeling a little “meh” about the blog. I am about 0% technically savvy, and there’s some sort of spammy virus on here that I don’t know how to begin to fix. (SIDENOTE: If any popups from my blog say you’ve won a significant sum of money, I would advise RUNNING THE OTHER DIRECTION. Or you could see if it is true and split the profit with me?). I don’t love the look of my blog, but the virus is blocking some key features that would allow me to change it. Adding insult to injury, WordPress keeps making me “prove my humanity” every single time I log in. Fun timez around here, I am telling you.

Oh, and? Despite my absence, my blog’s stats are off the charts, thanks in large part to this post (it’s a literal post, get it?) going viral on Pinterest. Wild. The internet will never cease to amaze me.

All that to say: the house is still standing, we are still alive, and we are busy living life! Today marks 2 years of living in this space and we continue to be so grateful.


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  • Anne, I was just wondering about your posts! I’d love to hear about India and Australia, but I totally understand the MEH feelings. My blog and I are having relational problems as well. Maybe we need counseling.

    At any rate, we’re glad your alive and the house is standing. Get cracking on those travel posts as soon as you figure out your spam issues. Or not. We can have lunch.

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