Replacing the Stairs Using Pot Roast as Payment

When we last left off on our recent stairway project, Kenny had just demo’ed our stairs. Even though he placed the loose treads back on the stairway, climbing up and down felt VERY treacherous and exhilarating all at once.


Thankfully, this only lasted a few days. I then bribed my family into coming over with some pot roast and homemade bread. Works like a charm, every time.

Kenny and I actually thought we could probably do this ourselves. And we would have, if necessary. But my Carpenter Dad and Carpenter Brother did a much better job in a much shorter timeframe (3.5 hours) than we could have.


PLUS, there was this thing on our stairs where the bottom step was 1″ too short and the top step was 1″ too tall, and while I would have pretended like nothing was wrong, Dad actually took the time to painstakingly build up every step so that they would all be exactly equal heights. Hurrah for less tripping!

They first installed all of the risers (normally they’d do riser, tread, riser, tread–working from the bottom up, but since Kenny had done all the demo, they chose to do it this way).


In addition to nailing everything VERY WELL, dad used a TON of glue everywhere possible. This will make things strong, yes, but it will also eliminate any possibility of squeaking.


They then installed the stained, not-yet-poly’ed risers. There’s no room for error on these, since you can’t simply caulk and paint your errors…my usual modus operandi. And they made no mistakes. Hire good help, people! ;)


The stairway install wrapped up and we feasted on pot roast, but there’s still a lot of finish work for Kenny and I to do–namely, filling all holes in the treads and risers, poly-ing the treads (probably 3 coats?) and caulking and painting one last coat on the risers. And we have yet to install baseboards in the hallway upstairs, so just go ahead and add that to the list. Check back here in 2027 for an update!

In the meantime, you should check out my DIY stairway railing. Ooooh la la! :)

DIY Stair Railing Makeover


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