Mulch Forever

We got an entire dump truck load of mulch (10 yards!) delivered over the weekend, and it has been a nonstop party ever since.


Why yes, this does look different than when we bought the place. Partially because of the lack of snow:


And because we’ve been landscaping our little hearts out. Turns out: I LOVE landscaping. #unexpected

We pulled out that big bush our first summer in the house. Then last summer I dug out a new bed in front of the sidewalk and we planted it with clearance trees and shrubs last fall.


This year, we finally got some edging in and put mulch down. The excitement…is just…overwhelming.


I got a whopping 6 rosebushes last fall for WAY CHEAP (yay) and am very excited to see them flower this year. So far we’ve been enjoying our tulips and daffodils that my grandma gave us from her garden a few years ago.


This rather large bed wraps all the way around the side of the house. This year, I uncovered these rocks that had been basically covered up from years of mulch build-up. And shoot, looks like we need to powerwash the siding.


I also dug out this bed in our front yard last summer. Or maybe 2 summers ago? There was nothing up here in the yard and it was looking plain. We can’t do much more since our septic drainfield is somewhere in our front yard but this helps.


Now to tackle the backyard, which has probably twice the area as up front that will need mulching. Here’s a refresher for what we’re dealing with if you want to take an outdated peek. Wish us well and come and check if we don’t resurface in the next week.



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