The Fanciest Hallway Gallery Wall

One of the reasons I wanted to get our upstairs hallway FINALLY finished was to be able to hang stuff on the walls! I wouldn’t allow myself to do it before everything was done…this was to be my little reward for finishing all the baseboard caulking and painting.


I finished a few weeks ago and finally got around to hanging stuff on the walls! This was the perfect spot to my ever-moving, ever-changing seascape gallery wall. This is my favorite iteration (but I say that every time).

I always start by laying things out on the floor, starting with the biggest frames.

Then I transfer the floor design to the wall. I group smaller frames around the larger ones to “round off” the edges of the design.

This is our new view going up our new stairs. It’s way fancy for an upstairs gallery wall.

I’ve done a ton of gallery walls, but I’ve finally learned a few things. Use a cohesive color palate (in this case, blues, greens, browns), OR use matching or coordinating frames (like IKEA white frames). Too much and it gets too busy fast. Learn from my mistakes…

I think we’ll live with this for awhile, though you know I love change. This makes me happy every time I go upstairs so it’s staying for now!

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