Geometric Felt Pillow Cover

Oh hey! I forgot I had a blog for a while. This little booger’s arrival may have had something to do with that. But I had this post languishing in my “drafts” folder and thought I’d better drag it out before the kiddo goes to college.

Inspired by the girls at A Beautiful Mess, I made a set of pillow covers. I purchased 10 super cheap 8×10 sheets of felt from Michaels and cut out as many triangles as I could using a little cardboard stencil.

Then I pinned them all to some linen fabric. This part took a while, since I was overly anal about color placement.

Then I sewed long, straight lines across the triangles.

Then I had to sew a linen back onto the pillow and add a zipper. I sort of winged the zipper part, since I have no idea of the “real” way to sew in a zipper.

But I didn’t screw it up too badly, and it was worth doing–with the zipper, I can take the pillow covers off to be washed in the inevitable event that these pillows get bodily fluids on them.

I stuffed these pillows with some fancy IKEA down inserts. The pillows were about 22×22, and the pillow inserts are 26×26 (I think) which gives them a nice, overstuffed look.

I had a few extra triangles so I simply sewed a line through them and voila! a garland.

The above pic is a sneak peek of sorts to the little guy’s nursery. Look for that reveal sometime in the next decade!


  • I enjoy reading your blog and was wondering what happened……now I know… Congrats!
    (Its funny how one tiny little human being can change your world!)

  • I’m a little late to the party but… Congratulations! I started reading your blog shortly after your wedding. (I was married just 2 months before you.) Then I had my own kid and stopped reading due to lack of time. I’ve started reading again and am so happy for your new (ish) addition! I love those pillows too! :)

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