Tad’s Neutral Nursery

Preparing the nursery for our little one’s arrival was the most fun decorating I’ve done in this house so far! I spent the spring and summer shopping for deals and doing some crafting for this room and it turned out swell. Our little guy seems to like it so far, so I consider this room a success. :)


The color theme was neutrals, since I figured that toys+books would be more than enough color for the space. And we didn’t want to have to repaint for a few years, so we intentionally chose a wall color that wasn’t too babyish.


I of course made the geometric pillow covers and triangle banner, and the other big project I did was the baby animal gallery wall. I purchased 8 photo downloads from an Etsy seller and printed them off myself and put them in Ikea frames. NEVER again will I do a grid like this, though…it took hours to make sure everything was straight and even! But it’s up now, secured with both nails and 3M command strips. These frames aren’t budging.


The other side of the room with the dresser and closet is a little bland for now, but it is very functional. I’d love to get a big round mirror to go over the dresser, but we didn’t get one in time for Tad’s arrival and I’ve been feeling less motivated since Tad was born…I have better things to do now, like smooching his cute little cheeks!


The glider is the Sutton glider from Babies R Us and we love it. We’ve clocked lots of hours here so far and there are many more hours to come! The library of books on Ikea picture ledges are just within reach and we store lots of baby supplies in that small side table.


The pouf is an outdoor pouf (for maximum durability) from World Market since we didn’t feel like spending an extra $200 on the matching ottoman for the glider (seriously…who does that?!).

Other sources:

One thing I have to call out with a little more explanation: the turtle blanket over the crib was a special shower gift from my mom, made by Joan from The Green Sheep! And it has a lovely story…read it here: The Green Sheep Studio.


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