Master Bathroom Barn Door

Ever since Kenny and I remodeled our master bedroom one! year! ago!, we’ve been plotting and planning to 1) remodel the adjoining master bathroom sometime this decade, and 2) replace the existing bathroom door with a sliding barn door.

The bathroom door situation was pretty awkward–the door opened right in front of a window, blocking 75% of the natural light into the bathroom. Which was really too bad. If we could remove that door and add a sliding door, we would get a ton more natural light, a few extra inches of width in a small bathroom, and a very interesting architectural feature on a pretty blank wall.

So we decided to build one. And then we did nothing.

v. v. exciting.

But then! Then the Facebook gods smiled upon us and someone posted this unfinished barn door on our local garage sale page for a paltry $100. Shoot, we can’t build a door like this ourselves for $100. Plus, it came with that swell handle, which we both think is very awesome.


Kenny and his dad trailered this home (honestly, coordinating that was the hardest part of this whole process), and it laid in our living room until I got around to finishing it.


We decided on a gray Minwax stain and coated it with 2 layers of clear satin poly.

(The below pic is the back of the door).


Then Kenny picked up the track hardware from Home Depot and we followed the instructions in that package (which was VERY helpful). We had to put up this mounting board to affix the track to. Hanging this dumb board took us at least an hour, because we are very good at making simple things very complicated.


(I painted the board the wall color so it would blend in.)

We put the hardware on the door, hung it up (it was so easy!), and voila!


The above pic (taken from our bedroom sleeping area) shows some of the natural light that had been blocked by the former door.

Here’s the view from inside the closet.


You can see we really need to get on that bathroom remodel. It’s one of only 2 rooms in this house that we haven’t touched one smidge.

Oh. And we also took down the bathroom blind and replaced it with some frosted contact paper privacy stuff (Gila brand from Home Depot). Which also makes the bathroom feel larger.

The barn door is actually quite a bit wider than the doorway, but it looks cooler this way.


Now when people come over, I drag them up to my bedroom like the massive creep that I am. “Come and see our bathroom door! You won’t regret it…promise!…”


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