From Crazy Seascape Lady to Normal Ikea Lady (For the Moment)

Guys, I have long professed my love for thrifted seascapes (fact: I loved them before Emily Henderson made them cool). They like to jump in my cart at the thrift store and make themselves at home on my walls.

This was our kitchen for a long time.


I really liked that gallery wall. But I can’t live with anything very long before I start itching for some change. So you can see where this is going.

I took down all the seascapes, patched the (many!) holes, and repainted.

The seascapes floated around in the basement for awhile before they made their way to the upstairs hallway. I LOVE them there.


But this post is about the kitchen. There I hung a bunch of Ikea Ribba frames that I’d been hoarding for faaaar to long.


I filled the frames with things I’d had for a while. The theme is “things that make me happy.” That largest frame is a vintage paint-by-number that I got at a garage sale for $1. Best. Find. Ever.

On the left is a glimpse into our mudroom and the vintage-frame-turned-chalkboard I hung a few years ago. The gold/vintage complements the sleek/white frames well, imo, which is necessary since they are on adjoining walls.


Oh, and did you notice we got new barstools for the island? They were a return to Target that were marked down ridiculously. I think they were maybe $40 apiece? Plus I sold the old wooden stools we’d been using there for $30. Cha-ching.


While we’re here, I thought I’d show you around the kitchen since it’s been awhile. We added that rug in front of the sink from World Market last winter and I love it there.


One of the best things we’ve done in this house to date is to build up the cabinets to the ceiling and adding the crown molding. You can read that old post here.


Someday we’ll remodel this space (we think the cabinets are 23-years-old!), but she’s doing pretty well for her age. :)

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