Numbered Stairs. Also, the Story of My Conversion to Vinyl.

With Tad in the picture now, we spend most of our time with him and/or sleeping/trying to sleep. The dude is enjoying having several midnight snacks each night, which I’m fairly certain is killing me slowly. Plus, going to bed at 9pm sucks for getting anything else done.

But such is life, and I wouldn’t trade mine for anything.

DESPITE all this (woe is me, i know, i know), I DID pull out my wallet for a fun little project that I have wanted to do for YEARS. Which, yes, means that this project is waaaaay behind the trends. It’s fine. I’ve embraced this phase of my life. #momjeans

We have stairs.

These stairs used to have an ugly railing. Until I took it upon myself to fix that and DIYed this beauty (myself! I did this! #proud). Full story here.

It was a step in the right direction, but the photos above still cleverly hid a disgusting secret.

The stairs used to be carpeted. I couldn’t bring myself to photograph the horrors that lay within (jk, not that bad but close).

We ripped out the carpet, but the wood underneath was stupid and builder grade and not cool at all.

My superhero dad and brother replaced everything for us though, and then we had a sweeeet looking staircase. Full story here.

It was close! so close! to what my dream stairway looked like. We loved it and lived with it until I got a wild hair and created a custom order with TheVinylCompany on Etsy. They had the style font I was looking for and reasonable prices and were oh-so-easy and accommodating for custom orders.

Once my order arrived in the mail, I gathered my supplies. I highly recommend making some sort of spacing template, or if you’re smart like me, use an IKEA hardware installation template thing.

First I marked the spot on the stair where I wanted the bottom of the number to go.

Then I smooshed and smoothed the vinyl number so that the backing would peel off easily from the transparent front and vinyl number. Not pictured: I also marked the bottom middle of the number so I could line it up with the mark I made on the stair.

Then I just stuck and smoothed and peeled away the front for a crisp, clear, number!

I’ve never used vinyl before but WHOA this is life-changing!

I’d contemplated stenciling the numbers onto the stairs (‘twould have been cheaper), but that would have taken longer, been less crisp, and not as easy to remove if I ever get sick of this (never!).

This is weird but now the stairway is my favorite place in the house. I feel like it represents my decorating style best. Sort of modern craftsman, sort of vintage, sort of fun/eclectic. AKA not a real style but don’t burst my bubble.

Oh la la.

The way I conviced Kenny that this was necessary was that we could teach Tad his numbers easier this way. He bought it, so now I guess I’m on the hook to actually teach Tad educational things?!

I’m now a vinyl convert and am planning about 12 sayings to slap on our walls.

JK JK never. I’m behind the trends but not that far behind.

Although we do frequently admonish Tad “don’t cry because it’s over; laugh because it happened” (he doesn’t).

So. Look for that on his walls in the future. đŸ™„


  • Vinyl is a slippery slope, Anne. Next thing you know, you’re going to want your own vinyl cutter! After borrowing one for an extended period of time a couple years ago, my daughter finally invested in one of her own. It’s amazing what you can do with them. The vinyl itself is very inexpensive so if you use it a lot, it pays for itself over time. She has one where you can make a design on the computer and cut almost anything. She even cut felt snowflakes last Christmas. She’s been helping out her kids’ teachers with stuff for their classrooms too. She also used it to cut her own stencils so she could paint the drawers of an Ikea dresser with sports themed things.

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