Well…It’s Been Awhile! Here’s the State of Our Lives

It’s been many many moons since I’ve dusted off the old bloggeroo and tappety tapped my way into your lives. This all ends now.* As long as the baby takes an average or longer nap (everyone, please pray).

*as in, I’m blogging this post. No promises for the future though.

Hmm, what to say, what to say?

We’ve done a few house projects of late, but the pace has slowed. Something about a tiny human underfoot? and loud power tools not conducive to said human sleeping? But I have one thing (OUR FIREPLACE) that I’m very proud of that I will attempt to blog yet this year I have 11.8 months to go, so, chances are…well, there’s a chance.

But let me organize my thoughts a bit better. Here we go.

State of the Blog: After many technical difficulties last year that sapped ALL of my blogging mojo, we’re still here! Ironically, 2017 was my highest year statistically, despite publishing only 7 blog posts, 3 of which were Tad’s birth story. In fact, in March, this old blog had nearly 25k pageviews! Sheesh. I wish I could actually GET somewhere with that, but nope. Blogging is just a hobby. Unless someone wants to pay me for this? I wouldn’t say no.

State of the Job: I work at a non-profit doing social media management at a high level (think…150 social accounts worldwide, the largest being 3 million plus fans). It is VERY fun but VERY draining. Most days I come home and the last thing I want to do is turn on a computer. Which is great for the ol’ fam. But very bad for this blog.

State of the Fam: Ken is good. Tad is good. Being a parent is superb. I would recommend it. Tad turned 1. We celebrated our 5th anniversary. We totaled a car. We said goodbye to two grandparents and hello to a sister-in-law.

State of the House: She’s still standing (#success). Some wind took down a piece of siding on the front of the house this fall, so it looked a little…rustic?…for awhile until we worked up the nerve to mount the roof and fix it. We’re slowly making progress on projects indoors, and: we have a plan for renovating the kitchen. Except:

State of the Budget: This has become ever more important, as we seek to be good stewards of all we’ve been given and now that we’re very certainly in adulthood. We feel very fortunate financially, but we want to make sure we don’t make any big missteps that we could avoid. Thus, we’re being more mindful in many areas, one of which is saving ALL the money for the kitchen reno before we do ANYTHING. So, it might happen in like…2026? Fingers crossed.

SIDE NOTE ON THE BUDGET: we’ve been using a free tool called Personal Capital (online and free app) to track our finances on a high level. You connect your financial accounts (bank accounts, investment accounts, credit cards, mortgage, even your Zillow “Zestimate”) to get a big picture of your financial situation. There are TONS of charts and graphs and calculators and “here’s what you did last month” and “here’s how you did last year” and “oh by the way, here’s your total NET WORTH,” PLUS you can drill down to see individual transactions and budget categories. I believe their business model is to offer financial advice, but we just ignore that because we get that elsewhere….and I have yet to notice an ad in Personal Capital; hooray!

NOT our information…I WISH!

You should check it out. And if you use my referral link, you can get a $20 Amazon giftcard after linking your first investment account (like your 401k). It gets emailed to you in 6 weeks…so not immediate, but still: FREE MONEY. Even if you don’t use my referral link, check it out anyway. I recommend this tool to ALL the people even if I get nothing in return; it’s that great.


State of our Travels: We’ve managed to do some travel hacking (read: CHEAP, see above diatribe) over the past few years and that hasn’t stopped with Tad in the picture. Kid already has his passport and added a couple of stamps from a trip we took to Europe this fall. We managed to visit DC and Arizona as well in 2017, and we’ve got several trips planned already for 2018. Gotta get moving while we can still fly fo’ free with Tad!

Hmmm, anything else? If you’re curious about anything (or shoot…if you’re simply reading this), drop me a line in the comments!


  • Heyyyyyy Anne! Welcome back, I’ve missed you! :) We have such weirdly similar home goals and life goals. I love your writing style so much. We recently took on a kitchen reno and I say YES to saving alllll the savings prior to the reno and then planning on digging a little into savings too. Because surprises. So many electrical surprises. And appliances. Did I mention appliances? Let me know if I can offer any advice. Right now, just save the moneeeeys. So no bagged, shredded cheese. Shred it yourself ;).

    • Ahahaha yessss we totally avoid the luxury that is shredded bagged cheese that stuff is cray. Hope you are well! I would LOVE to see pics of your kitchen reno! Hate those types of surprises. :( Our kitchen savings are taking a backseat to retirement and health savings…boo adulthood…which is also why it will def. take us awhile.

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