That Time We Got Married

August 11, 2012 was probably the best day of my life. (Being that I’m still alive, I’m not ruling out the possibility that the best day of my life is still to come.) But our wedding day is absolutely the best so far.

To see our honeymoon outtakes, click here. Those were also some pretty bliss-filled days.

(Tutorial for rustic barn wood art found here.)

(Flowers by Flora Design.)

(Brooch bouquet tutorial here.)

(Food from Making Thyme Kitchen. Read about our tasting here.)

(S’more bar homemade by Dad.)

Photo credit: Jessica Vanden Bosch, Elisabeth VanderWall, Katie Garrett, Karen Wiersma, Sara Bronkema

Still want to see more? Click here for our honeymoon outtakes. But I guarantee that the pictures are not quite as gorgeous.


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